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Your Virtual Clinic.
Accessible Everywhere, Anytime.

RV Health is not an insurance plan, we provide network access to health care solutions through the best in telemedicine and other mobile health benefits to fit the RV lifestyle.

It's not your typical telehealth program either, this program can actually serve as your Primary Care Physician with additional access to specialists. Just think of the possibilities... Whether you're a full-timer, weekender, or retired veteran, RV Health has a place in everyone's health benefit package, regardless of insurance coverage. Welcome to Telehealth 2.0!

RV Industry Employers & Club Memberships Programs

If you’re an employer in the RV industry or club membership program, this is the perfect solution to rising health care costs or as a supplement to high deductible plans. For ease of setup, please contact us for bulk registration for your employees or members which will also include their dependent family members.

This program is a great health solution for:

  • RV Parks & Campgrounds
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealerships
  • Club Memberships Programs
  • Insurance Agencies