Reviews & Testimonials

Our “legal” department informed us that we needed to make sure that you are aware that these are mostly satire. But, you’ll have to figure out which ones are which.

During our 3-year journey, Lewis got himself shot in the leg by a half-blind buffoon mistaking him for an elk. I’m not sure that he would have pulled through without telehealth.Lewis & Clark, Explorers
After that attempt on the Death Star, the whole Republic was denied health coverage. Don’t get me started on the whole hereditary dispensation thing. Telehealth was all I could get.Luke Skywalker, Jedi
I endorse most everything else… so why not this? When you’re in a survival situation, you’re gonna wish you had it.Bear Grylls, "Explorer"
This vagabond health plan is the best thing this side of the fountain of youth. Ponce de León, Actual Explorer
Heck, have you seen the premiums for a professional smuggler? Geez. Glad I have this at least. Han Solo, Nice Guy
This is absolutely brilliant. We need this for our future trips to the moon. So would that be Spaceship Health?Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic
If only we had this during our pioneer days. It would have helped out Ma so much.Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pioneer

Ok, enough of the satire... here's what some real RVers are saying!

RV Health’s prescription discounts pay for itself alone. The fact we have access to competent physicians no matter where we are in North America makes it a no-brainer!Marc & Tricia Leach, Keep Your Day Dram
Feeling so much better about hitting the road because of this service. What an incredible company!!!Liz Wilcox, Virtual Campground
I had my first experience with RV Health about three weeks ago. I scheduled the physician, had the appointment, and within an hour was picking up the prescription. I then had a follow up appointment with the same physician a week later. Each appointment took five minutes or less. Great service! I will definitely keep using it!David Krehbiel
I was looking for options being self employed and also an RV’er. What is available for us just wasn’t fully meeting the need, but this gives my family more peace of mind knowing an expert is just a phone call away regardless of our location.Jonathan Hodges

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