Press Release – RV Health offers new health care solutions to RV’ers


RV Health is the first Telehealth program that can act as a Primary Care Physician

January, 2018 – The RV lifestyle can be full of adventure, but life on the open road can offer both gifts and challenges. You had an amazing time hiking in the Grand Canyon, but now you’re wondering if that bug bite is getting infected? The campground pool was a blast, but now your eczema is flaring up like crazy. Exploring Glacier National Park should have been a joy, but you spent all week in the RV with a lingering cough that just won’t go away.

It can be hard to manage chronic health issues or deal with new ones when you are far away from your primary care physician back home. RV Health is here to help. With monthly plans starting as low as $24/month for the entire family, this program allows you access to a team of medical professionals through a virtual clinic that can travel with you wherever you go.

Unlike other Telehealth programs, RV Health can serve as your Primary Care Physician through phone or video consultations. While RV Health is not an insurance plan, it provides network access to health care solutions including prescriptions, vision care, dental, hearing, labs and patient advocacy. In addition, RV Heath is the first Telehealth program available that gives you remote access to a specialist and specialist referrals.

No more stress or wasted time trying to find the closest urgent care facility or playing phone tag with doctor’s office back home! RV Health can connect you with on-call doctors 24/7 in every state, with no limitation on usage and no additional consultation fees for speaking with a primary care or internal medicine physician. You have convenient access to your health team from wherever you may be in your travels, saving you time and money, so you can get back to your adventure. So whether you’re a full-timer or a weekender, RV Health can truly be a mobile doctor solution.

Subscriber Jonathan Hodges shared:

“I was looking for options being self-employed and also a full-time RV’er. What is available for us just wasn’t fully meeting the need, but this gives my family more peace of mind knowing a doctor is just a phone call away regardless of our location.”

RV Health is also available as an employer-benefit for employers within the RV industry. So whether it’s a campground, a dealership, or a manufacturer, RV Health can add value to any employee benefit package. By providing this innovative access to health care, it reduces employee absenteeism, increases productivity, and decreases overall healthcare costs to the organization.

In addition to providing an important health care program, RV Health is also proud of their commitment to donate a portion of every monthly membership to the National Park Foundation so that our National Parks can continue to thrive for years to come.

RV Health offers you the next level of Telemedicine, so you can confidently take the adventure that you planned, no matter what the open road may have in store for you.


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Sarah Fitzgerald, full-time RV’er since 2016
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