Telehealth 2.0
Going Beyond Urgent Care
Now you can talk with a Primary Care Physician anytime, anywhere. It's like a virtual clinic that travels with you, wherever you go.

Your Virtual Clinic.
Accessible Everywhere, Anytime.

RV Health is not an insurance plan, we provide network access to health care solutions through the best in telemedicine and other mobile health benefits to fit the RV lifestyle.

It's not your typical telehealth program either, this program can actually serve as your Primary Care Physician with additional access to specialists. Just think of the possibilities... Whether you're a full-timer, weekender, or retired veteran, RV Health has a place in everyone's health benefit package, regardless of insurance coverage. Welcome to Telehealth 2.0!


Everyone is eligible – No age or health restrictions. We’ll even include Sasquatch.
How It Works

Plans & Pricing

We offer an unlimited health plan for individuals, couples and families.
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We offer English and Spanish speaking services along with many additional languages with translator services available.

Receive Care from Physicians at Top Medical Institutions

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Cleveland Clinic
Stanford Medicine

Mobile App Convenience.
Connecting with a doctor by phone or video is just a tap away.

The mobile app is the complete telemedicine application that lets you search for a physician licensed in your state, book an appointment for phone, video, and see a doctor in HD quality. Receive discharge instructions after your appointment and set your notification preferences.

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Telehealth Mobile App

Benefits of Telehealth 2.0

We give you access to Board Certified Doctors 24 hours a day that are licensed in the state you’re in today or tomorrow! No more long waits for appointments or trying to find a doctor “back home” that will take your call over the weekend. Perhaps the best part is that everyone is eligible, there are no restrictions or pre-existing condition limitations. Bottom line? RV Health has you covered.

Oh, and if you happen to run into Big Foot on your travels, let him know that we’ll provide him free coverage. We just need his social security number.

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  • Benefits of Telehealth

    In today’s world, the web is bursting with incalculable amounts of health-related information, giving Americans unprecedented resources to pro-actively take part in their own well-being. But how do you sort through it yourself? And how do you know what’s even accurate? Effective? Or even safe? Call RV Health, our doctors are here to help!

    Oh, and if you happen to run into Big Foot on your travels, let him know that we’ll provide him free coverage. We just need his social security number.

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Board Certified Licensed Doctors

Talk directly to Board-certified and licensed doctors from top medical institutions within your current state.

Prescription Call-ins

Prescriptions called in for immediate pickup nationwide, regardless of where you are! (Non DEA-controlled prescriptions only.)

Pre-Existing Conditions

Since we are not an insurance provider, pre-existing conditions do not effect your participation or enrollment.


All services are securely HIPAA-Compliant and we’ll never sell or share your information without your express consent.